Please don’t make NFTs

Ishaan Gupta
2 min readJul 9, 2022

Unless you really want to.

The last 5 years of a dystopian social media culture is fundamentally toxic. Social media, fads, and conforming to great marketing efforts has destroyed attention spans, cognitive abilities, and one very important thing.


The end of young artists

50 million people joined the creator economy in 2022.

Young children aspire to be YouTubers over being an astronaut. Our generation is choosing content creation over truly hard endeavors like STEM and artistic explorations. Short-lived fame is more tempting than long-term, positive, impact on the world.

However, content creation is fundamentally not bad. It’s a great pass-time. It can even help you find your beloved brands and reduce perceived risk while buying.

But content creation is being polluted by an algorithm that favors conformity over creativity.

There are so few young artists that break the algorithm and manage to work it out in one way or the other. While their recognition is a fruit of tons of hard work and pain-staking experiments over months, content creation is different.

It’s hard, yes. But, it’s formulaic. It requires research, great euro-centric features, and keeping up with trending formats to stay fresh and a blood sacrifice to Meta.

But boy, is it a money machine.

Being a content creator is extremely lucrative in a capitalistic world. I’ve seen young artists try to break into different fields for all the wrong reasons. While authenticity isn’t rewarded at the same level anymore, it’s a lot more fulfilling than learning to create an NFT for a pump-and-dump project.

While you cannot topple the system, definitely try to keep your spark alive. Have your own garage workshop to keep experimenting in the pursuit of trying to be authentic. This is mine, I hope you find yours too.



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