When I write

Ishaan Gupta
2 min readJul 19, 2022

Who am I gonna rip off today? Is it going to be some productivity advice I read in a book last year? Is it going to be the one phrase I remember from a song? When will finally get an original thought? All of this has been said and done before? Are you a creator or a fucking summary book of the greats who came before you? Is there any originality inside of you?

Why are you insisting on writing in the first place? You know it doesn’t always come from inside of you. You know you say born creative talent is a myth because you don’t have one.

You know this is too impersonal. This sounds like a robot wrote it. Heck, would’ve been better if a robot had written it, it wouldn’t mess up as much as you do.

You know this one is too personal. Don’t you know how to strike a balance? Your personal life is pathetically boring and basic and no one wants to listen about. You’re living in delusion as if this will help. Nothing helps.

Is this how you begin an article? Is this how you create a compelling begin? This isn’t the way to make a narrative. This. is. just. sad.

Is this how you’re gonna structure the article? Sometimes you really don’t put in any effort, do you? This doesn’t read well. There’s a typo. That’s a grammar error. That’s subjective and too digressive. This is too verbose. Fix it.

Is this how you’re trying to end this piece? You’ve opened a hundred different tangents and followed up with neither of them. I don’t see you getting better at all, even after all this practice. You’re wasting your time in this pointless charade.

This is not what you call writing. This is not what anyone calls writing. This helps no one.

Delete this.



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